A Simple Guide to Become A Horse Racing Handicapper

Term handicap is alien to many people. They have no idea about horse battling or investing money for the winning purposes. The journey of becoming a handicap begins with the interest of horse racing. A lot of things require to understand before actually spending money while batting on winning horse. At present, various experts in horse handicapped are available online or offline to offer help. However, one needs to understand the basic and fundamentals of horse racing before relying on someone’s tips that is related to any horse racing event.

Handicapping: A short introduction

Understanding and evaluating information available to identify and selecting a winning horse is called handicapping. People who master this skill over the years of experience is called handicappers. Handicapping and handicapper are the two pretty common words you hear at the racetrack and battling windows.

The ability to handicap helps to analyse data found in what are known as the past performance. It gives you a complete picture of a horse’s career. Through the skill of a handicap, you can tell if the horse is fast enough to outrun its rivals, whether or not it is racing in an appropriate race for its skill level, and even reveal any possible physical problems the horse may have.

Handicapping is quite like a game of chess:

When you play the game of chess, you need to process your mind forward for next 2-3 steps. People who love the intellectual game often finds horseracing interesting and practice to share the Keenland tips for the event or share their thought for the horse racing event.

There are terms like speed figures, pace, class, form, workouts, trips, etc. commonly used during a horse racing event. So, one should master these terms and other tactics require to get the best idea about winning horse.

Simple handicapping method:

Selecting a winning horse or handicapping isn’t an easy job. Excellent handicappers spend hours pouring over charts and past performance, and then share Keenland tips or the tips for any upcoming horse racing event. There are some common factors that are responsible to present the accurate result related to the winning horse. Let’s know about the factors:

Top speed figure:

A horse with the best speed is always on the target by handicappers. This factor plays effective role in deciding the probability of winning the bet. The best handicapper often checks the horse speed figures in the past horse racing events. If the horse has been showing the impressive figures then choosing for the best would be a good idea.

Route to sprint:

If the selected horse has been continuously establishing the lead in races longer than seven furlongs but fading in the final strides, this horse may require to race at a shorter distance. It is wise to look for the horses cutting back to distances of less than seven furlongs and evaluate how well they done in longer races.

Long speed on the rail:

Understanding the horse racing pattern is necessary to become a good handicapper. Running style of the horses are discrete like some make the lead, some prefer to run from just off the pace, and some prefer the train the pack and close the stretch. The front runner is a horse that likes to go right to the lead from the starting gate. So, which kind of style would be the best? This is decided by a good handicapper and share as one of the Keenland tips.


The above-mentioned description works and required to practice to become a horse handicapper. Most of the times your interest towards watching horse racing makes you an impressive horse handicapper. Your continuous guess for the winning horse gives you the idea about the important factors play a role in winning the bet. So, if you have slight interest then give it a try. Get the suggestion from a handicapper and compare it to your thoughts and learn to be a best handicapper.